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So, as I had mentioned in my first post. My husband and I purchased our first home July 2011.  We bought a 3 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood.  The home was built in 1985, and was maintained pretty well.  There was no major problems with it. It has a new roof, new windows, newly stained wood siding, and even a new gas heating system was installed.  However, the inside of the home is another story.  This home was being rented out to the same family for almost 10 years. Thus the interior of the home had not been updated since it was built in the 80’s.  So I want you to picture lots and lots of orange shag carpeting and lots and lots of dark colored wallpaper!  The great room, which has cathedral ceilings had wallpaper with giant prints of geese on it!  (certainly not my style!!)  We knew from the start that we wanted to completely update the interior in order to make it a light and bright home we want to live in. Thus moved all our stuff into one room and slowly started remodeling.

A month after purchasing our new home I found out that  I was pregnant.  We were very excited about this new phase in our lives, however this meant that our home improvement projects would have to be sped up. Bringing a baby home to a construction zone is just not a good idea!

We started the remodeling process with the upstairs… and very early on I learned that the wallpaper that was in EVERY room of the house was there to mock me!!  I don’t know what they used to put that stuff up, but its almost impossible to take down!  We have tried everything from steaming to scoring.  We even tried pressure praying stinky commercial grade wallpaper remover.  It still only comes off an inch at a time, and majorly ruins the walls in the process.  One of the rooms had a double layer of wallpaper. Someone at  one point must have wanted a change, but couldn’t take take it down so they simply put a new layer of wallpaper over the old.

Seven months later… I am very pregnant, and the upstairs is almost finished. The downstairs still looks like a war zone.  At this point I’m just hoping to finish the upstairs before the baby comes.  Things are progressing rather slowly.  However we have to keep in mind that both my husband and I worked full time, thus any work that was done was mostly done on the weekends.  Now I’m on maternity leave, but I’m pretty much useless when it comes to any substantial projects.  Also because it tax season, my husband who has an accounting degree is doing people’s taxes along with his regular full time job.  Sometimes I wish that we could just hire someone to come in and do all the remodeling for us.  But that is not really in our budget, especially with a baby on the way.  Baby’s are expensive!! 🙂

On the brighter side though… our bedroom and bathroom upstairs are finished and so is the baby room, thus I have been happily decorating.  Some time in the future I hope to post some pictures of our progress.