Now that the nursery has finally been painted, I have been working on setting up the Baby’s closet!!  The closet in the nursery is really tiny, thus I wanted to use the space efficiently.  Baby’s have a lot of little items, and they can get messy very quickly, especially if you’re trying to reach for things while holding baby.  Easy access was important for me.  Another little dilemma this closet came with, is that our only access to the attic was for some reason put in the ceiling of this closet.  After looking at various options available at  the local home improvement store, I settled on a customize-able wire track system.  This was a good option for me, because if someone ever needed to climb up into the attic, the shelves  are easily movable. Also, as baby grows, I can adjust the height of the shelves, and eventually make it a closet suitable for a grown up.

The key to making this type of system work is to make sure you measure the width and depth of your closet, and to have a good idea of what you want out of it. (I had to go home and measure after talking to one of the store reps.)

I managed to install the system myself. Yay me! 🙂  The hardest part was installing the two metal strips that go in the back which hold all the shelves.  The two have to be exactly aligned, or when you go to put on the shelves, they will be crooked.  Also since they hold all the load, if they can’t be positioned into a stud, you have to put in anchors for all 12 screws.

In the end I was happy with the result. I added some hooks,  drawer storage bins, and a laundry basket in the corner.  The closet looks nice and organized, and I still have the option of moving things around.  Mission accomplished!!  I still want to add some wicker baskets on the shelves to hold sheets and stuff. Also I’m hoping to get an over the door hanging organizer from my registry.

It seems like it will work exactly how I want it to. However we still don’t have that much stuff, because I haven’t had my baby shower yet.  So far I’ve only been tempted into buying a few clothes, some socks, and a blanket.  It’s just all so cute, sometimes I just can’t resist!!

Check out these newborn slippers!!!  They were so cute I had to get them!!  I know they will prob last like one month, if that.  But hey…who can resist something so adorable!!

My mom says I shouldn’t indulge in the really teeny-weeny stuff, because baby’s grow so fast and he will prob wear it only once.  Thus, most of the clothing I purchased has been 3-6 or 6-9.  I only bought one newborn outfit, since I know I’ll prob get some more at my shower. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman out there that’s attracted to all the tiny cutesy stuff. 🙂

 Even my husband brought something home. Check this out. lol! —>