So I have been looking into the different type of baby carriers out there.  I guess I like the idea of being able walk around the house, park, or store with baby, and yet have my hands free.  However, most of the ones I’ve seen in stores are the bulky back pack kind, that seem more suitable for serious hiking than a simple stroll in the park or around the house.  A lady at Baby’s R US recommended to me a cloth carrier called the Moby Wrap.  I did a little searching and found that this carrier has quite the following on YouTube.

Check this video out–>

For another good video with a little more info click this link. –> Moby Wrap

At first I thought it looked a little too complicated, but after watching a few YouTube videos, the idea of it is starting to grow on me.    Many mothers seem to swear by it, saying that it is very comfortable, and keeps the baby in a more natural position than some of the other carriers.  Also I like the fact that it’s not too expensive, compared to other carriers.

So anyways, I’ve added it to my registry, and I think I’ll give it a try once baby comes.  Until then, if anyone has experience with this carrier, feel free to comment! 🙂