My husband and I have noticed that now-a-days kids are just overloaded with toys, many of which don’t hold their attention for very long.  We have decided to keep toys at a minimum in our household.  Thus we agreed that we would only buy classic toys, which are long-lasting, high quality, and if possible, educational.   Now that we are setting up the nursery, I was itching for something cute and babyish to decorate the room with.  After a little searching, I came across this Bashful Bunny made by Jellycat.  Jellycat is a London-based toy company, which is distinguished for producing durable, high quality plush toys.  Having read many great reviews I took the leap and ordered this cute bunny.  I must say I was not disappointed when I received it in the mail.  It is indescribably soft and adorable! Its bottom and feet are slightly weighted so it sits quit nicely. However I can’t wait to see our baby boy tote it around by one of its long ears! 🙂

For more information click this link –> Jelly Cat

Also you can check it out on Amazon –> Bashful Bunny