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At 30 weeks, I have been feeling some lower back strain and stretching stomach muscles.  Especially if I do a lot of walking, my belly starts to feel very heavy, and my stomach and leg muscles cramp as if I’ve been running a marathon. I think this is because the baby is sitting towards the front, and the extra weight is ruining my posture. My mom suggested that I try some sort of support band.  I went to Babies R Us, and decided to give this product a try.  I must say I am very glad that I purchased it. It has made a world of a difference.   I was surprised at how my posture improved! It works by lifting the weight off your hips and back.  As a result my hips and back ache less, and I don’t feel like my belly is stretching with every move.   Another added bonus I noticed, is that I have to pee less because it takes some of the pressure off my bladder. Yay!  I usually wear this product over a cami, so that is doesn’t rub against my skin, and then I put another layer over it. It’s not too noticeable unless I wear something very tight-fitting.  I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a little support. 🙂 (I heard that it’s especially helpful for those who are carrying twins.)

This product comes in 3 different sizes S M and L.

Here is a link if anyone wants read some more reviews –> Maternity Support