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This weekend my father came by to help us paint the trim and doors in the nursery. I’m pretty excited. The sooner we finish painting it, the sooner we can set up the crib, and other baby things.

We purchased a shag-like white rug for the nursery.  It’s so soft, I could probably fall asleep on it.  Also, I bought a vintage looking chair, and have put up some shelves to display photos and toys.   I often find myself just standing at the doorway of the nursery trying to envision how its going to look like, and wondering how its going to feel when the baby arrives. However for now its still a work in progress… a vision in my head.  This week I hope to install door knobs on all our doors. I’m especially anxious to get that done for the nursery, because right now I have found that our cat Squeaker also loves the new rug in the nursery. I caught him sleeping there peacefully, and on the new chair several times now! As much as I try to close the door to keep him out, without a door knob he simply paws it open. Why is it that cats always find the nicest spots in the house to sleep? It’s like they have a nose for anything that’s new or expensive.  I found him getting comfortable on top of my silk blouse the other day!

Anyways… hopefully I can get some photos of the nursery posted soon. Until then, here’s pictures of my naughty kitty.

I like to put bows on him, but he doesn’t like that very much!!