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Yesterday we hired a person to do some of the spackling and sanding in our living room and spare bedroom.  My husband had started some of this work about a month ago, but  now that its full-blown tax season he just doesn’t have the time to finish.  Thus I was very happy when he decided to hire someone.  It is very messy work, and I will be glad when its done..so I can clean all the dust once and for all!

This is how the walls looked like after we stripped the wall paper.  I can’t wait to see an improvement!


Notice the Kitty on the second floor beam.. He likes to sit up there and glare down at us.  

We have really high ceilings in this room so its going to be quit the project to get it all painted …  Hopefully my husband will hire someone for that also!

This is the spare bedroom.  We took down the popcorn ceilings and we hired a person to put up knockdown ceilings… this should be happening tomorrow.

On a side note…

Does anyone else feel weird when you have someone you don’t know working in your home??  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I try to hide.  It’s just so awkward!  Am I obligated to keep them company??  Also… after a late night and early day this morning, I desperately needed a nap..  Yet I couldn’t with someone in my home.

Sigh… The joys of renovation and pregnancy all rolled into one…