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 **Today, I had my weekly doctors appointment. I am officially 31 weeks and 5 days. Meaning I have 58 days to go!  This pregnancy feels like its flying by! Maybe it’s because we have a never-ending list of things that still need to be done before the baby comes.  Sometimes I wonder if we will be able to accomplish all of it. You should see the size of the list! (It doesn’t help that most of the items on the list involve some sort of construction.)

Well, I was glad I could cross two things off the list today…

#11 Put up new ceiling in guest room

# 14 Sand and Prime Living room walls

Yay..It is so satisfying crossing things off a To-Do List

So..anyways, the person we hired finally finished putting up the ceiling, and the other work in our living room…  (Its starting to look less and less like a war zone.) Now if only we can get those railings installed, shower door put in, door knobs installed, guest room painted, and the upstairs window replaced, then I could finally say that the 2nd floor is officially completed!   (phew.. say that 3 times fast!)

As for the first floor I won’t even go there…  At this point I’m just hoping some of the demolition can be completed so that the baby won’t witness all the dust! (We are going to be taking down a wall to make a large dining room from what used to be a fourth bedroom downstairs. One day I will post some pics.)

On a brighter note… after my doctor’s appointment I stopped by a thrift store and came across an awesome find.

Check out these two full volumes of Winnie the Pooh I found for only 3 bucks!

They are in perfect condition and have the original illustrations that I remember from when I was a child. I think they are a perfect start to a kids library. 🙂