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Today is my birthday!  Exactly 25 years ago, I was born in the beautiful European city of Odessa Ukraine. A port city located on the Black Sea. Known for its gorgeous beaches, architecture, and as the long-time home of the famous Russian poet Pushkin.

Check out my ride–>

My mom purchased a European stroller similar to this style for our baby William. I’m soo excited! I can’t wait to go on walks with him in it! I will have to recreate this photo.. (although my brother prob. won’t look as good standing next to it… lol j/k)

I love looking at baby pictures!  Look at this picture of my mom and I… I Hope I look this good after having 2 kids!

As for the topic of my Birthday… I am home alone for most of the day, since my husband went to work as usual… However, he is not working on taxes this evening, so I’m pretty sure he has something brewing for tonight. He mentioned coming home early today, and I caught him talking in conspiratorial tones on the phone with my mother yesterday.  Until then, I might just have to put a party hat on our cat and make the best of my day.  I’m even contemplating whether I should go and buy myself something indulgently chocolaty at the local bakery. (I’ve been majorly craving chocolate these last few days.)

Oh, one more thing… After having a week of 45 degree weather, and no snow all winter.. Look what I woke up to this morning! (The view from our bedroom window)