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~Ukrainian Farmers Cheese Pancakes~

I decided to scratch the idea of going to the bakery this morning, knowing that I would be tempted to indulge way too much.  Also figuring my husband will probably surprise me with something chocolaty later today, (..if he knows me at all!) I decided to make myself something somewhat healthy. 🙂 If anyone has had Ukrainian farmers cheese pancakes, they will know how DELICIOUS they are, and pretty simple to make too. I add raisins to mine and a bit of lemon zest.  Add to that some black tea (Ukrainians love their tea pure and dark!) and compote sour cherries, and you’ve got yourself quite the treat! Although one thing I forgot is the dollop of sour cream.  Ukrainians eat sour cream with everything! (I like to eat mozzarella sticks with sour cream…When I request it, I usually get a weird look :))

Pretty good start to the morning I think. 🙂

Has anyone out there tried Ukrainian food before??