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~Yogurt Parfait~

Today my husband went to hang out with some of the boys, so my sister came over to keep me company.  As always we have a wonderful time full of laughter and good talks.  When we got hungry we decided to make ourselves a healthy snack.

We both love the yogurt parfait from Starbucks, however I found that making them at home is just as good, and also a lot more healthy. Thus, I decided to show my little sis how it’s done.

I usually have some organic frozen berries stocked in the freezer.  These work just as well as fresh.  I put them in a small sauce pan with a little bit of sugar, and heat it all up until the juices thicken up. 

 I Like to use a plain Greek yogurt like Chobani.  It’s a lot more healthier than the flavored yogurt.  (No added sugars, and a  lot more active cultures.)

Also I am a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill all natural granola.

When the fruits cooled down, you can put together your parfait. My sister agreed, its way better than Starbucks!