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So recently I decided that it’s about time that I lose the pregnancy pounds.  I’ve been trying to eat healthy, and I’m starting to incorporate some daily exercise. (We purchased a treadmill for my benefit, and I bought myself a yoga mat :))  I am determined to get back to my pre-baby weight (and to lose the mommy pooch).

When I started exercising, I realized that I didn’t have a decent pair of sneakers. The two pairs that I do own are either too old, or a little too tight. (My feet never went back to my previous size after pregnancy. I’ve been dreading the task of sorting my shoe collection, to see what I need to give away. …so sad.. 😦 )

So anyways, to up my spirit and give myself some extra motivation, I decided to go buy some new sneakers, and to purchase a scale. (Ours stopped working for some reason.) Thus I took the baby and we headed for a day at the mall. However, my silly baby had other plans.

About five minutes into our shopping, as I was browsing a clothing store, I noticed my little guy was turning red and very focused. After a quick sniff test, I knew that he had produced quite the present for mommy.

Lets just say this was the diaper explosion of all diaper explosions! Not only did he leak through his clothes, but all over his car seat, leaking through belt buckle holes all the way down to the bottom basket of the stroller! I used a whole packet of wipes just to get him cleaned up. Good thing I carry a water-resistant lap pad with me. I was able to use it to line his car seat, otherwise I would have had no choice than to sit him into a poopy car seat. By the time I was finished, I felt like I had completed some sort of Olympic event! However by then he was no longer in a good mood. So I dropped everything I was going to try on, and ran out of the store looking for a spot to calm my screaming baby. (Side Note: I had to change him in a dressing room… In my defense, this store had no bathrooms, and the closest one was on the opposite side of the mall..  Imagine how bad it would have been if I let him sit any longer in his poopy diaper…it would prob. have been up to his ears by then. So sorry to anyone who was trying on clothes, and had to smell my baby’s poopy diaper!)

Not until I fully fed and burped my baby in the middle of the mall, was he willing to go shoe shopping with mommy. So in the end I did get my sneakers, and my scale. However there’s no telling when I will attempt such an adventure again … Prob. not any time soon.