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This year was the first time we ever attempted to grow a garden.  My husband built two raised beds in the spring, and planted some of the veggies from seeds.  I have to say, for our first attempt, I think it is pretty successful.  We are really enjoying having home-grown veggies. We have been making fresh salads all summer!  I especially enjoy the tomatoes.  I eat them like apples, because they are that good.  (Way better than store-bought!) Next year we want to expand with a third bed, and maybe try some other  fruits or veggies.  We did have some trouble with the bugs and critters, thus we also want to consider some sort of defense.  (scarecrow maybe?) If anyone has any suggestions about how to defend a garden, it would be much appreciated!

Hope you were also able to enjoy your gardens bounty!         -Elvira-

P.S. I couldn’t resist staging a photo session with William and the veggies. Some of them were bigger than him! 🙂