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I have not been posting very often and I feel guilty about it.  My weeks seem to go by so quickly; I barely have time for anything…  However today I am flat on my back…literally.  This is the third time in the last 3 months that I have strained my back. The first time I bent down to pick up a loaf of bread from our freezer and then couldn’t get back up.  Sharp shooting pain in my lower back left me breathless.  It was so bad I was wishing for an epidural!  I couldn’t do anything for almost two weeks.  My mother had to come and help us out with the baby and other household tasks.   Of course by the time I was able to get an appointment with a specialist  the pain subsided, and I was able to pass all the tests with flying colors.  However, it happened a second time when I was bending over the baby, changing his diaper.  It wasn’t as bad as the first, but it took me about a week to feel normal again.    This time it happened when I was bending to put the baby down into his play pen.  I felt a snap along with shooting pain in my lower back.. I almost dropped the poor little guy.  So yeah… I might have to consider physical therapy..  After the first time I was trying to be very careful with my movements.. however this is not easy with a 22 pound baby!  I can’t even pick him up right now… I had to call my husband to come home early from work yesterday, because I couldn’t pick up the baby without pain and the risk of further injuring myself.  Sigh…  The pain is slowly going away, however my back muscles are all seized up… thus I can’t even walk straight.

I had problems with my lower back before…. ( Happened on the first day of my teaching job… sat down in one of the student desks and thought I was going to die from pain.) However since having the baby it seems to happen way more often.  Since giving birth I’ve probably had 5 episodes already.   Doctor says it’s probably a result of the extra strain from constantly picking up the baby and other new mommy movements.  I have to find a way to strengthen my back… because the little one is not getting any lighter. For now I will be looking into some kind of support belt I could wear around the house to keep my back straight.

If anyone has experienced this and has any suggests please feel free to give me some advice.

Well for a brighter note, I will leave you all with a picture of my little munchkin. He is growing so fast! I will post an update on all his milestones next post.