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I love the holidays!  I totally get into the spirit of the season, and I love absolutely everything about it.  This is definitely my favorite time of the year! This week I’m  in the holiday mood, and I’m really excited to be able to share this time of the year with my little one.  Some day I hope to instill the meaning of the holiday season in him, particularly Christmas. However until then, I want him to to feel all the excitement of the holidays with a warm home, family, delicious smells, and all sorts of festive sparkle.

Last weekend I did some major house cleaning.  I love having a spotless house for the holidays, everything organized and in its place. Now I’m free to do some decorating and cooking.

This year I am bringing Russian Napoleon cake to my mothers for Thanksgiving, along with a pumpkin pie and deviled eggs. Also, this year I want to try roasting a turkey with stuffing for my husband and I, for the first time ever. (Instead of stealing all my mom’s leftovers.) Thus, we purchased the smallest turkey we could find and I will roast it Wednesday night.

Yesterday, I started baking the layers for my Napoleon cake. If anyone knows anything about traditional Russian Napoleon cake, it’s a pretty involved process. The cake has about 10 layers which get rolled out and baked individually. That is why I start early; It’s pretty time-consuming. However I have made this cake twice before, using my grandmothers recipe, and it was a huge success. (My husband has been requesting it for about a year now, however with the baby I could never find time.)The secret ingredient is Vodka. 🙂 Hey we are Slavic; what more can I say. 😉

My layers are ready, and the scrap pieces are for decorating the cake. On Wednesday I will make the custard cream and assemble the cake.

On a side note…  How beautiful are pomegranates at this time of the year. Love them. Wish there was a way I could let my little guy try them… The seeds are a bit of a choking hazard.


On Sunday we dedicated our little one to the Lord. His Grandpa our Pastor, prayed for him. It was a very sweet moment. I will post the pictures when I get them.