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We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my mother’s house. There was lots of food, laughs, and good people.

We try to make sure that Thanksgiving is not only about food. So every year we hand out stationary at the beginning of the meal, and everyone has to write what they are particularly thankful for this year. Then while we eat dessert, someone, (usually me) reads what people wrote out loud. It is very nice to hear what everyone is thankful for.  As for myself, I am thankful for my wonderful husband that he is healthy and back to his fun-loving self. I am very thankful for our little darling boy, who brings so much love into our lives. I am also thankful for our parents (both sides) for being supportive and loving during the good and bad times we had this year. And last but not least, I am thankful for our home, and that God provides us everything we need and much much more!

William had a great time, at his first Thanksgiving.  We brought his high chair, so that he could sit at the table with us. He was having a good time trying different foods, and of-course he got plenty of attention, being the cutest guy there! 😉