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Colds seem to be going around at this time of the year, and nothing fights a cold or sore throat better than raw honey.  I was lucky enough to get some raw honey straight from the source, still within the honey comb.
20130104_104414-2 Isn’t it beautiful? The taste doesn’t even compare to store-bought processed honey. It is very aromatic; you could almost smell all the different flowers the bees traveled to.
20130104_104637-2To eat it, I cut my desired portion, and then slice a thin layer of the wax off. The honey will drip out of the honey-comb.  Another more traditional way of eating this, is to break off a piece of the honey-comb and just put the entire thing in your mouth.  After chewing and savoring all the sweetness you just spit out the remaining wax.  Sounds strange but it’s really good!

Hope everyone has a great day full of sweetness!

‘Till next time,