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I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this phenomena…. Before things get better, they have to get worse…   Well lets just say this year one of my resolutions is to get the house more organized.  With half our house still under construction, and some stuff still in boxes without permanent homes, this is not an easy feat. However I’m trying as best I can to keep our home organized…and though it may look like it’s getting worse, (random bins everywhere)  I tell my husband (and myself) that it’s getting better. 🙂

Now that the holidays are over we are going to get back in the swing of things, when it comes to construction.  Though I have not posted much concerning our home remodel, there has been some progress in the last couple of months. Most notable being, taking down a load bearing wall downstairs, and putting up a load bearing beam in its place.  Let me tell you it was quite the project, considering the peak of our roof rested on this wall.  Somewhere I have photos of the before and after, and even some action shots of the demolition. 🙂  I’m hoping to post about this some time soon, along with some of our other accomplishments.

Until then,