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William had his first grocery shopping cart ride the other day, and he loved it!  Way better view than from the infant car seat he usually travels in.  He was so excited looking every which way, charming everyone with his smiles. ( I don’t think I have ever talked to so many strangers in a grocery store before. William is a magnet  for attention!)  As for myself.. I can’t believe he is so big already! I was looking through some of our home videos and realized he is no-longer a tiny baby anymore… *sniff  I’m also going to miss his portable infant car seat.  We have officially upgraded to a larger stationary seat.  He was way too cramped in his infant one.  This means I now have to take him out of the car seat every time we go anywhere, and can no-longer use the handy-dandy mini  car seat stroller base. That thing was so easy to maneuver around stores and other tight places.  I think I might have to start looking into umbrella strollers, so I don’t have to haul his regular stroller everywhere.  20130109_131511-2

Sigh.. Before I know it, he will be walking beside me helping to load the shopping cart!


Is it just me or is life just flying by lately??