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So as I have previously mentioned, my baby sister is engaged! Considering her wedding is in 5 months, all my mom, sister, or I can talk about is Weddings!  I am very excited about this momentous occasion in our family, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because my sister has given me free rein to use my creative abilities to help design her wedding!  I can not even tell you how exciting this prospect is for me.  Interior design is sort of a passion, and wedding design makes it all the more romantic! My Pinterest board is full of all sorts of delicious possibilities right now, and today my sister and I already went to some stores to scope out a few items, and even purchased some things to experiment with.

So all this wedding talk has also got me thinking about my wedding day, and  the many details that made it special.  I’ve decided to share my special day with all of you, thus I’m working on a post dedicated to my wedding.

However until I finish sorting through the 2 thousand pictures (literally) I have, here is a sneak peek.

DSC_1636-2Until next time,