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Remember Pom Poms from when you were a kid??  You found them on the top of your hat, on a school project, or even on a sweater. (I had a black sweater with a ton of different colored pom poms sewn all over. Also my mom knitted me a hat that had this ginormous purple pom pom on top of it. Whenever I moved my head it would wobble  lol)  Well anyways, ever since I saw a tutorial on Pinterest, I just had to find a reason to make some.

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to create these funny fun little fuzz balls. It was my nephews birthday, and I had wrapped his present, but forgot to purchase ribbon or a bow to go on top. Thinking the package looked a little bare, I decided to make some pom poms to decorate it.20130118_164715-2

I think they came out really cute! Who doesn’t love pom poms?? 🙂  They are super easy to make. You can find a tutorial here.
20130118_164544-2William decided to join in on the crafting fun!  He was having a great time trying to make sense of my ball of yarn.   

20130118_164311-2The yarn was a tangled mess by the time he was done with it, but it was so worth it. It was hilarious watching him play with it.


Hope everyone takes some time to enjoy the simple things in life.