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Ever since William was born I have been trying to take more pictures.  Before he came along my husband and I were not much for photos. ( There are literally years missing from our life.) It’s not that we had anything against taking pictures, it’s just that we would never think to bring a camera, or if we did remember to bring it, the battery would be dying, or some other lame excuse.  Now I’m making it a point to document our lives a bit more. (This blog serves that purpose also.)

Well now that I’m taking more pictures, I figured it’s also time to display them somehow.  Since our home is still under construction, I don’t really have the option of a photo wall just yet, but in the mean time I have been looking into designing and printing photo books.

Today I was super excited to receive one of my photo books in the mail.  This one is of my baby shower. (This was when I first really decided to take more pictures.)

I compiled this photo book on a site called BLURB.  I read about it on a blog that I follow and decided to try it out.

I think that it came out pretty nice.

Front Cover


Back Cover

20130124_162316-2For the front and back covers I used photos of our nursery.

20130124_162523-2I really like the quality of the binding. I purchased my book in hardcover, and I am not disappointed.  The quality of the actual print is good too. Some of my photos didn’t print as sharp as I would like them, however I believe that is because they were very low resolution to begin with. A few of them were even taken with a cell phone camera. (Hey I said I would take more photos I never specified with what! :))  I designed another book with our engagement pictures, which were taken by a professional photographer.  They are higher resolution so I believe they should print better.  From there I will decide if I want to spent the big bucks to make an album with all our wedding photos.

20130124_163139-2It looks pretty cute displayed on a table too!

Has anyone else tried making photo books? If so, which program did you use, and how did you like it??