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So I have this little obsession with cookbooks. I’ve managed to acquire a bit of a collection during the few years I’ve been married, and yesterday I ordered another one. (sheepish look)  I don’t know what it is, but I love reading cookbooks, particularly ones with good photography.  I find them inspiring, and I love making new dishes!  I do have a few favorite cookbooks that I always seem to turn to. One of these is The Food & Cooking of Russia by Elena Makhonko.

20130305_155135-2 This cookbook is great. It has beautiful photography, and a good collection of recipes.  I find the recipes to be authentic. There are quite a few Russian classics in here and some new ones I’ve never tasted before.

20130305_160831-220130305_155639-220130305_155349-2It even has a bit of history on Russian cuisine, agriculture, and culture.  Just enough to make this book interesting even for those who don’t cook. (It would work well as a coffee table book.)


20130305_16085920130305_160044-2I have The Food and Cooking of Germany also, which is just as good, and I’ve ordered myself The Food and Cooking of Belgium, which I’m sure will not disappoint.20130305_160527

Is anyone else in love with cook books like I am? Are there any favorites I should know about? 🙂