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It was my sweet baby boys first Birthday last week, and we had a big party to celebrate the momentous occasion. Birthday Party 20It was a Noah’s Ark themed party…

Birthday Party 5I tried to keep it child-like and whimsical…

Birthday Party 4I kept my color palette light; focusing on light blues, aqua and white.Birthday Party 10

Birthday Party 9… I made an animal banner….

Birthday Party 11

Birthday Party 12

…and his very own special party hat!Birthday Party 19

Dessert Table..`Yummy cupcakes!

Birthday Party 2Chocolate strawberry whipped cream cake!
Birthday Party 23

Birthday Party 13Decoy Cupcake 😉

Birthday Party 27Birthday Party 6Noah’s Ark filled with lots of animals, a gift that arrived early from Grandma and Grandpa.

Birthday Party 26Birthday Party 3Some cotton candy Rain Clouds…
Birthday Party 17…and Marshmallow Rainbows.

Birthday Party 16A new ride!
Birthday Part 36Time for cake.

Birthday Party 18Surprise! Your own personal sized Noah’s Ark Cake!

Birthday Party 24Time to blow out the candle!

Birthday Party 25What should I wish for mommy??

Birthday Party 28Mmm this is good cake…

Birthday Party 29

…really good cake!

Birthday Party 30This is awesome stuff Mommy! Why didn’t you give me this before??Birthday Party 31Quick! Give me my party hat!

Birthday Party 32Is it on??

Birthday Party 33More cake!

Birthday Party 34Daddy, where’s my milk??Birthday Party 40Oh Why did I eat so much cake??

Birthday Party 36Mommy, I think I’m done now…

Birthday Party 35———————————————–


Well, I hope you all had fun seeing  a bit of our special day. It was a blessed day, with good food, family, friends, lots of presents and well wishes.  William loved every minute of it, and after washing all the icing off of him, he went to bed almost instantly, tired out by all the excitement. Thank you to everyone that came, and a special thanks to Tanya, my sister-in-law for taking all the pictures! They are priceless!

Until next time,