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Last Saturday I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, whose wedding is less than a month away! DSC_0426-2

I really wanted to make her bridal shower special, because she is truly my best friend and I am very excited for her!DSC_0471 Her wedding will be garden inspired, thus her bridesmaids and I decided that a garden tea party would be perfect.

DSC_0429 My mom graciously allowed us to use her yard as the backdrop for our tea party, which turned out perfect because it was a gorgeous day and everything was in full bloom. My mom puts a lot of love in her flowers and it shows!DSC_0652DSC_0521I kept the color pallet focused on various shades of pink, but also added some pops of aqua for a fun shabby chic feel.  DSC_0427-2
DSC_0428Each tea cup contained a loose leaf tea infuser; a gift for our guests. The coasters were made by putting craft paper over tile and then glazing them with Modge Podge.DSC_0444The gorgeous flower arrangements were done by our friend Luda, she also happens to be one of the bridesmaids. DSC_0445DSC_0425-2DSC_0438-2The Bride-to-be and her bridesmaids…
DSC_0453Our tea-table had a variety of tea to try, brought over from Ukraine and Germany by Dina, one of our beautiful bridesmaids. The two most favored flavors were Strawberry Tingle, and Green Tea with Ginger.DSC_0434DSC_0538DSC_0539DSC_0593The food: Mini club sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, tomato basil shrimp, salad skewers, pear gorgonzola sandwiches, stuffed eggs, mushroom cups, and my mom’s famous chicken with onions

(3) May-JuneFor Dessert… Fresh Strawberries and grapes, meringue cookies,  pear tarts,  biscotti, mini carrot cake cupcakes, and chocolate ricotta cake.
DSC_0544I ordered the ricotta cake from our local Italian bakery, however I asked them to leave it blank. I had the idea of decorating with fresh flowers and a fancy tea-cup. Luda our flower extraordinaire helped me execute it, and I think it came out absolutely lovely!DSC_0545DSC_0548DSC_0567After food and some games it was time for gifts!DSC_0534
DSC_0629DSC_0630(3) May-June1

A very happy Bride! The party was a success!DSC_0655

Though we are now both going to be married, mom’s house will always still feel like home, and we three ladies stick together! (Even while wearing hats! lol)
DSC_0697-2Until next time,