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Anyone who has a small child knows how important nap time is. I’m not talking about how it magically eliminates crankiness in my kid, or any other health benefit here. I’m talking about the benefit for my sanity.  Thankfully my little darling loves his nap time, and I’ve still managed to hold on to two per day.

In the beginning it was “nap when baby naps.” However, it did not take me long to figure out the difference in productivity levels when baby sleeps versus when he is awake.  During these 2-3 hours of my babies rejuvenation, I’m trying to cram in anything and everything that needs to be done around the house.  I literally plan my day around these precious nap times.  However here is the kicker…  I have to be extremely quiet when doing these things, or I risk losing this time of precious productivity.  So often I find myself debating… do I vacuum, ..go into his room to put away laundry, or keep walking up the darn creaky steps that never fail to wake him up, and lose these precious moments of peace?  (I’ve even contemplated whether I should flush the toilet and risk waking him.)  Then there is the cat, who always seems to pick nap time as his time to howl his disillusionment with his nine lives. (.. no matter how much I shush him, or give him the evil eye.)  Then there is the neighbor who always seems to start up his ridiculously loud lawn mower…  or my favorite… the phone ringing… I can not tell you how many times I have frantically searched for my phone on my hands in knees, ready to fling it out the window. (…and people always wonder why I never pick up.. its because I’ve learned to keep it on silent!!)

Did I just hear a cry? Darn it.. my keyboard clanking must be too loud… or was it the cat???

Until next time,