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2014A new year has come, and I find myself wondering what it will bring.  Though all it really represents is another day on the calendar, I see it as a chance for a fresh start. It gives me incentive to change some things in my life, and embrace other things.

I’m in the mood for purging…  This year I really want to look at my priorities, and find a way to focus my time on what really matters to me.  Modern life stretches our attention in all sorts of directions, yet I want to find a way to put my energy towards the most important, particularly my family and my faith.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what is means to have a serving spirit. What does it mean to serve my husband and my family? Am I taking this role begrudgingly? I have also been considering the ways I may have touched other people, when we crossed paths in this fast-paced world.  Have I left an imprint on anyone’s soul? …or do I simply ignore the human connection, selfishly focused on only my path and problems.

I guess if I was to have one wish for 2014, it would be to learn to serve others humbly and joyfully.  ..to truly see the people around me, and hopefully have something to offer them.

Happy New Year everyone.  May it be filled with lots of love and joy. May we find a way to serve each other, beyond what is merely expected in today’s age.