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Snow DayWe got several inches of snow last night. The little one and I went out to explore. However we didn’t last long. It was way too cold out there and windy! His cheeks were as red as apples by the time we came back in.  Some warm milk and a snack helped us defrost. For lunch some warm chicken soup that I made yesterday will be perfect.

Remember being a kid and playing outside in the snow until your mittens were soggy, and you couldn’t feel your toes? Those are some of my best memories as a kid. Do you remember the wonder of waking up to a world transformed over night into a winter wonderland? Then playing in the snow, sledding, making snow angels, building forts, and the never-ending neighborhood snow ball fights. Finally we would come inside with bright red cheeks, wet and exhausted. Our mom would always have something warm for us to eat.

Today, I don’t see as many kids playing outside.. Maybe its just our neighborhood.. I just hope my kids will be able to experience the wonder and delight of a snowy day. Then come home so I could feed them something warm and comforting, while they tell me about their adventures… I feel like it’s a necessary part of childhood.  ..or am I just sentimental?