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Writing Prompt Aug. 10: (Yawn)

What bores you?

As I thought about this question at first I could think of nothing in particular.. but then all of sudden a list started compiling in my head.  This my friends is what bores me, one way or another! 🙂

  1. Small Talk/ Useless Conversation
  2. Books that are too predictable
  3. Movies that are cheesy/ too predictable
  4. Books and movies that are not realistic/ believable
  5. Eating the same foods too often/over again
  6. Reading the same bedtime story to my son over and over again  🙂
  7. Anything to do with figures/numbers/finances 😐
  8. Most commercials/ advertisements (there are a few exceptions, particularly ones with cute animals)
  9. People who can’t get to the point, or who over-exaggerate
  10. Rehashing old topics of conversation/issues over and over again
  11. Basketball on TV
  12. Nascar
  13. Sports radio
  14. Having the same schedule everyday
  15. Practicality without beauty/creativity
  16. Reading the same authors books one after another, such as books part of a drawn-out series. (I like having variety in writing style. After a while I can go back and read the author again and enjoy it much more.
  17. Books in which the characters have too much of an inner dialogue with themselves, or get hung up on his/her issues, with no emotional growth.
  18. Modern architecture/ style
  19. Certain modern worship music 😮 !!
  20. Painting baseboards 🙂
  21. To much quotations on Facebook or Pinterest, particularly ones that are meant to show a person’s current emotional state…

This is all I could think of for now..

Maybe I’ll keep the list going as I think of things… 🙂

Let me know what you would add to the list..

Until next time,