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I hate it when I come back, and have to figure out how to reintroduce myself to blogging. I feel like I have to explain why I’m starting up again. All I’ll say, is that its been several years, and then let the title speak for itself. :} It also feels strange, because the pictures within the blog layout are several years old now. It feels like a lifetime ago. I was younger and thinner then lol There is an additional child in the family, and a rather energetic dog in the mix. If this lasts I will eventually switch up the pictures, but for now I choose not to worry about it.

I’ve been needing an outlet lately. Somewhere to put down some thoughts; maybe figure out whats been twirling around in my subconscious. Its a strange time we are living in, and half the time I can’t seem to figure out how I feel about it. In the beginning it was fear, now its just a sense of weariness.