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This Saturday my mom hosted a baby shower for me.  I told her to keep it simple, but my mom doesn’t quite know how to keep things simple. 🙂  She went all out, and her efforts really showed!  It was a really wonderful time. There were 30 ladies in attendance, both friends and family. They all made me feel very special, showering me with attention, gifts, and well-wishes.

My mom and grandmother made a lot of wonderful Russian style dishes; everything was as delicious as it looked!!

After the food, it was time for some games!  For one of the games, I was blind-folded, and had to guess what certain baby items were just by touch. I have to say, I know baby items pretty well! I only got like 2 wrong! 🙂

The games got our appetites going again so it was time for dessert! The ladies brought their home-made specialties…

My mom served tea and coffee using her antique silver tea service.

Then it was time for PRESENTS!!! I have to say I have never seen soo many presents! Baby William and I got spoiled! 🙂

My sister had to help me out with some of the larger ones!

My sister Yelena and I…

I owe my mother a lot of thanks and appreciation for the time and effort she put into making the shower a success! Thanks mom! Love you so much!