So I’m sitting downstairs at the kitchen table talking to my mom on the phone, when I hear a loud thumping noise, which I thought was coming from the basement.  It’s around 8pm, and I’m home alone so I’m a little freaked out.  I yell hello, but no one answers. Yet, I hear this thumping noise, like someone’s running around in the house.  I then realize the noise is actually coming from the upstairs.  I cautiously go up the stairs, and hear all the noise coming from our bedroom. I peak inside and see our cat erratically jumping from bureau, to bed, to floor! It takes me a moment to realize that he is dramatically hunting down a bird in our bedroom. Feathers are flying everywhere, and there are spots of bird poop all over the floor! So here I am almost 9 months pregnant trying catch my cat, which is crazily chasing this bird.  The cat gets the bird cornered, and I’m afraid he will try to eat it… Thus I try to lure my cat away, while calling my husband on the phone begging him to come home to help me with this dilemma. (He was across the street in the middle of doing taxes for a client.) I finally manage to lure the cat away from the bird, and lock him in the basement, despite his vocal disapprovement.  I grab a box and hope to trap the birdie. However any time I got close to it, it would fly all over the place totally intimidating me! Thoughts of it getting stuck in my hair, angry birds, and the  Bird Flue jumped through my mind.  Just as I was getting desperate, my brother-in-law stopped by to save the day. With the help of a broom and a plastic bag, he manged to catch the bird and release it outside. I was left to clean up the poop and the feathers.  Lesson for the day –> Never open a window without a screen.

When my husband eventually came home, he found this all rather amusing… As for me, I’m just plain tired! The cat looks slightly disgruntled too.